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Municipalities across Canada standing up for businesses and residents opposed to Bill C-69

Municipalities are on the front lines for feeling the potential impacts and unintended consequences of Bill C-69


A Grassroots Campaign,

Delivering our concerns to Ottawa

The Coalition of Canadian Municipalities for Energy Action consists of individual municipalities who are engaging the federal government and the broader public to discuss our unique municipal concerns with Bill C-69, ‘An Act to enact the Impact Assessment Act and the Canadian Energy Regulator Act, to amend the Navigation Protection Act and to make consequential amendments to other Acts’.

As municipal leaders, we are concerned with the impacts this legislation may have on our own communities; local business, families, and workers. We are bringing this message to the federal government in the Senate, House of Commons and political leaders to ensure that our reasoned voice on this issue is heard. We strongly feel it important that we as municipalities, who are on the front line in working with the public, speak up about what impacts may be felt locally if this legislation is passed in its current form, including unintended consequences. 

In view of this, a number of concerned municipalities in Canada have come together to form the Coalition of Canadian Municipalities for Energy Action: a grassroots campaign to deliver our concerns to decision-makers in Ottawa over the coming weeks and months.


While there are other stakeholders currently involved on this issue, we feel it vital that we as independent municipalities can bring our own voice forward on this issue, focused solely on discussing C-69 and its impact on our local municipalities.




More info available on: 

Parliament Site

Bill C-69 Background

What has happened so far?

Bill C-69, ‘An Act to enact the Impact Assessment Act and the Canadian Energy Regulator Act, to amend the Navigation Protection Act and to make consequential amendments to other Acts’, is the Federal Government plan to change the regulatory authority for construction and infrastructure projects across the country, among other changes.


National energy producers and their affiliates have worked hard with the Federal Government since the introduction of Bill C-69 in February 8th 2018 to clarify the impacts of each section of the legislation to better reflect the needs of Canadians. Municipalities are concerned with the bills impact on the energy industry, however we additionally have our own unique concerns regarding the legislation proposed.

Are there Consequences?

What can we do next?

Municipalities work in the best interest of the Canadians they represent. Bill C-69 is consequential for those residents as it:


  • will provide a new and untested regulatory structure that will have direct and unintended negative impacts on our ability to provide necessary infrastructure growth.


  • does not provide the necessary clarity on municipal land-use planning, waterway use, indigenous consultation or federal grants.


We are growing, and we need your municipality to tell the Senate Committee of Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources the impacts this bill will have in your Community. Contact us below and join our Coalition and gain the opportunity to speak with the Senate Committee in the coming weeks 


A Group of Municipalities,

One Common Goal



What can you do today?

Bill C-69 has been referred to a Senate Committee after a second reading. Now is the time to voice any concerns that Canadian residents may have with its contents. 

The best thing you can do today is to contact your representative and share with them your thoughts on Bill C-69. To do so, click the button below.

If you are a Municipality representative, please get in touch by using the form on the right and join our Coalition as we take our municipal issues with the current Bill C-69 to Ottawa!

Municipality? Join us as we bring our concerns to Ottawa!